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Relatively Absolute

You've Got to Look Up

Midnight Forever Greatest sax player in the world low tempo electronic/rock instrumental

Unspoken more than five minutes of sax and el piano jam.

Fuego Verde Kinda like the title sounds

Chill Really like the title sounds!

Kloud Nein greatest sax player in the world

Chase Electronic seventies/eighties Rock n hop!

Whirlwind Dance with a little classic rock touch.


Momma Mia Background with synth drama

The Organ Grinder - organ grinding - no monkey

Slinkin' Easy breezy! Sneakin' up on you!

Latest Reel A collection of Absolute Studio instrumentals behind video of background scenerery.

Dancing Dolphins

Train Comin On- John Michael Foster thank you John for your contribution to the music.

The Guitar Farm Christmas Commercial featuring Don Blew

The Guitar Farm Christmas Commercial 2012 featuring Myself and Greg Malot owner

Stir the Potion Kaylee and I-she was nine?

Kaylee Jamming age 3 months