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After attending Head Start, Kaylee Grace is ready for Kindergarten!

Kindergarten starts August, 2009 and she is more prepared than we are!

Head Start

Its 2010! Kaylee is in First Grade now. She says she would like to be called KAY for short! She is doing so well in School I find it amazing! She is reading like a champ and writing like a pro.

We work with her a lot and she loves to read to Dad and put him to sleep at night.

Kaylee in First Grade

Grandma Helen turned 100 this year! We had a birthday party in her honor and many people celebrated her century long stay here.

Martha Helen at 100!

The Des Moines River in Ottumwa flooded our band Grey Matter's practice room in the summer of 2010, 2008, and 1993.


We are building a new studio and can actually take the network out of the dining room, kitchen and yes, even the bathroom!